Why you should use a Real Estate Agent

There are two sides to every legal transaction. In courts of law, each side is afforded the opportunity to be represented by a legal professional, usually an attorney. If one side chose to NOT be represented, which side would you think has the clear advantage? Would you ever dream of waiving the right to be represented in an important legal matter?

NO. This is especially true in cases where your financial well-being, and future lifestyle may be affected for years to come! The same should be true for real estate transactions. The selection and purchase of real estate, whether it’s your primary home, a vacation home or second home, or an investment property, is a fundamentally life-altering decision. It affects your immediate and future finances, and can impact your lifestyle, your comfort, your happiness, as well as those you care about most, your family.

In every real estate transaction, here’s a seller’s side and there is a buyer’s side. And there is a negotiation process that occurs. You deserve to have a professional representing YOUR best interests throughout the entire buying process. And if you are considering new construction, don’t think that the person sitting in that model home all day is working for you!

I understand the negotiation process and how the outcome of that negotiation will affect your personal life. I also understand market trends and how they affect your real estate needs now, and in the future.

As a buyer’s agent, not only will l help you with your home search, but I will guide you through the entire process, from selection, contract, to closing and beyond. I will help you complete the required, oftentimes confusing contractual paperwork. I will handle negotiations on your behalf, obtain thorough inspections of your potential property, and help navigate you safely through any issues that may arise. I’ll also make my network of local professionals available to you who can pre-approve you for a mortgage, arrange financing, help you move, or update, decorate or even maintain your new home.

Remember, it will cost you nothing to hire me as your agent; the seller of your new home will pay commission, so my services are free to you. What better bargain is there than FREE?

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