January 2015


DEAR TERESA, I would love to plant a spring flowering shrub.  What grows well in Central Florida’s loamy soil, and when should I plant it?  PRETTY IN DAVENPORT

DEAR PRETTY, I recently planted forsythias which bloom fragrant yellow flowers early in the springtime.  They do remarkably well in a variety of soil types including sandy and loamy soils.  They should be planted in a well drained area, and they are best planted in December when they are dormant.  Some other shrubs that have spring flowers and thrive in Florida are Hibiscus and Azaleas. Whatever you decide on, dig a hole that is six inches wider on either side of your root ball, and water liberally for the first week.

DEAR TERESA, I am thinking about investing in a swimming pool but I am worried that I won’t be able to get my investment back when I sell my house.  Is building a swimming pool a good investment? BUOYANT IN CLERMONT

DEAR BUOYANT, “Ah” the cooling splash of your own swimming oasis during the hot summer is many a Floridian’s dream.  But is it a good investment?  Unfortunately there is no one size fits all answer for this question.  As in any home improvement a new swimming pool can certainly accent and improve your overall home value.  However the investment that you make in the pool should be proportional to your existing home value and should be in line with the luxurious feel of the rest of the home.

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